Monday, August 29, 2016

Internet May Have Global Governance October 1, 2016 and Possible Censorship By Various Governments and Others - But You Can Still Call Congress To Stop This!

The U.S. announced plans to pass the oversight of the internet to a global governance model on October 1, 2016 despite criticism of this move by many American organizations. To justify doing this, the Obama Administration claims, despite the evidence and analysis by many, that this will have no practical effects on the internet's functioning or its users.

Unfortunately, the absence of the U.S. in overseeing internet governance could be an end to free speech on the internet, as well as free enterprise, as we have already had a number of attempts by the UN, various nations such as China, Russia, Saudia Arabia and organizations to do just that.

 The Geneva Declaration of Principles makes clear that the UN, run by a majority of authoritarian governments, wants a decisive role for governments in internet governance.

Civil society groups and activists are calling on Congress to sue the Obama Administration -- to perhaps at least postpone the date of any changes until more Americans are aware of the plan.

Here is an article with more details regarding this:

As this article notes, "The only thing worse than a monopoly overseen by the U.S. government is a monopoly overseen by no one—or by a Web-censoring U.N."

It is not too late.You can still call your Congressional representative.

Please consider that.