Saturday, August 20, 2016

Entanglements of cause-effect, "where there is this, there is that," and the unintended and harmful consequences of political actions II

Here is another instance of the unintended consequences of human plans, and in this case, messing with "nature" for self-centered reasons.

"Scheming Buffalo Herd Roams Amok at Grand Canyon - Descendants of ‘beefalo’ outfox hunters, refuse to relocate; ill-fated ‘catnip’ plan.

The park’s so-called bison problem is getting worse with no clear solution in sight. The U.S. National Park Service estimates the size of the herd is 600 and growing at an average rate of 30% a year. The animal has no natural predators here, except for one: Man. So far, the bison have evaded him.

Hunting isn’t permitted in national parks and somehow, these “beefalo”—as they are still colloquially called by some—are on to that...

....It doesn’t matter that the current animals aren’t purebred, or even that their ancestors were imported to the area, Mr. Plumb says. They look and act like regular bison. The bison is on the park badge, he says. It is on the park logo. Today’s animals don’t have enough cattle genes to be considered “beefalo” by USDA standards.  

“These animals have standing. We can’t go back to the time before we screwed the animal up,” he said.  Mr. Plumb is waiting for the results of a new park study—due in September—before deciding what to do with them. Options range from using volunteer hunters or paid sharpshooters to cull the herd to trying yet again to relocate some animals."   

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