When we think that our life is limited or small, then all sorts of events and circumstances can disturb us and result in dissatisfaction, stress and suffering. We only have limited space, and can become disturbed (or worse) over what fits or not, what we like or dislike. When we know that our life is broad and vast and includes the many beings and circumstances that we encounter, then we can be at ease despite having to act and work with all sorts of situations – some quite difficult, painful, and initially seemingly unresolvable for us – because we know that our efforts are manifesting and revealing the life that we are. We are spacious and can act spaciously, making the efforts to be spaciously skillful and appropriate.
Unfortunately, we often do not recognize our life for what it is. When we do not see our life as it is, our actions may lead to further entanglement. If our actions are skillful and appropriate, grappling with conditions and circumstances can be an opportunity to encounter our life, expanding our vision and capacity, nurturing this moment’s encounter, this moment’s intimacy.  We are able to see and be reminded of who we are; our grappling and practicing in the midst of conditions allows the spaciousness of our life to be evident and manifest.....
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