Friday, February 28, 2014

Compassion and loving continued part 2

Continue the previous efforts as noted below regarding
being open, compassionate and loving, 
with extra attention to noting and
WRITING the particulars of various situations.

Be attentive to what is occurring when you are not open, not loving, 
not compassionate (whether towards your self or other) –

what judgment, evaluation and/or belief is there?

any "if only", "should be", "could be"?

and clarify if connected to any of these, 

is there any anger or wanting things to be a certain way/desire? 

is there any fear? 

What do you find in being experiencing?

being body-mind present?

And now, is there anything further skillful and appropriate?

below is the previous prompt:

Make an effort to note this (and record it) as possible throughout the day –

in noticing actions, words and emotion-thought, in  noticing body, mouth and mind,

notice when specifically you lack compassion and lack being loving (however you define these ) – whether “towards” yourself or “towards” other.

What is getting in the way of compassion and being loving?

In each of these specific instances, is compassion and being loving skillful and appropriate – if so, how so? if not how not?

What would compassionate and loving action, words and emotion-thought be?

 © 2014 Elihu Genmyo Smith