Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wind turbines, hurricanes and renewable energy

"Walls of wind turbines can dissipate outer rotational near-surface
hurricane winds by 25-39 m/s (56-88 mph), or up to 50% and
storm surge by 12-72%.

Turbines first see slower outer rotational winds, reducing these
wind speeds, reducing wave heights, friction, and convergence to
the center, increasing central pressure by up to ~16 hPa.

Replacing fossil fuels with offshore turbines reduces hurricane
damage and the need for sea walls, but also air pollution and
global warming and provides electric power with zero fuel cost."

These are the conclusions of a study that shows cost-effective ways
that we can deal with severe weather and energy needs.

The charts and maps in this study clarify this very well:

What would it take to get this funded and implemented on a larger scale?

Would this face NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) resistance like
what we have seen elsewhere from those with coastal
properties or other strongly held agendas?