Monday, June 20, 2016

"Judge Breyer warned prosecutors last month that “the case is terminated” if they couldn’t produce evidence that FedEx had “knowingly” shipped drugs without valid prescriptions." This Judge answers the question of Quis custodiet ipsos custodes - Who guards the people from the "guardian" governmental officials?

The following is a clear example of the third branch of US government doing the job of serving and protecting the people and preventing overreach by the supposed guardians of the Executive branch, in this case the Justice department.

"Occasionally, once in a great while, fighting the government’s unjust prosecutions pays off. Witness FedEx ’s victory late last week in a two-year-old lawsuit brought by the Justice Department that accused the shipping company of conspiring with illegal online pharmacies by transporting drugs without valid prescriptions...."

“The defendants are factually innocent,” the judge declared on Friday, adding that “the act of dismissal is entirely consistent with government’s overarching obligations to seek justice, even at the cost of some embarrassment.” It’s probably too much to hope that a chastened Justice Department will agree to pay FedEx’s legal fees."

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