Friday, November 20, 2015

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes - Another instance of government malfeasance; in this case, driving a company serving the needs of cancer patients out of business, with no consequence for the government abuse

I occasionally write about instances of abuses of power by government officials, administrators and agencies - abuses of their public power, given them to serve the public's need. This abuse damages individuals and companies, with little real consequences for the abuser of power. This is an ancient problem as the Latin phrase shows; the phrase means, "Who guards against the guardians' abuses of power."

Below is an article which speaks for itself:

"Sometimes winning is still losing. That is certainly true for companies that find themselves caught in the cross hairs of the federal government. Since 2013, my organization has defended one such company, the cancer-screening LabMD, against meritless allegations from the Federal Trade Commission. Last Friday, the FTC’s chief administrative-law judge dismissed the agency’s complaint. But it was too late. The reputational damage and expense of a six-year federal investigation forced LabMD to close last year."

For the sad details, here is the full article: