Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Practice in the midst of violence: Media analysis of Palestinian attacks against Jews.

Our practice realm is the cause-effect violence in Jerusalem and nearby which manifests in the suffering, unsatisfactoriness and pain that is intertwined with fear, anger, sadness and more. 


Our reactions to events, beliefs about them and about what we can/should or can not/should not do, what is and is not ours, are this practice - experiencing this; and when noticing reacting looking, "who" is reacting ?


This week, my nephew, my brother's son, left for Jerusalem for a year of study. For some of the time he will be staying with family that lives there. The turmoil and violence there, as well as the media reportage and role in this, now has this additional dimension for me.

The following, which was sent to me this morning, are the opening paragraphs of a sad and interesting analysis of the events in Jerusalem and elsewhere and the media reporting of it: 



"If you’ve been following the news from Israel, you might have the impression that “violence” is killing a lot of people. As in this headline: “Palestinian Killed As Violence Continues.” Or this first paragraph: “Violence and bloodshed radiating outward from flash points in Jerusalem and the West Bank appear to be shifting gears and expanding, with Gaza increasingly drawn in.”

Read further, and you might also get a sense of who, according to Western media, is perpetrating “violence.” As in: “Two Palestinian Teenagers Shot by Israeli Police,” according to one headline. Or: “Israeli Retaliatory Strike in Gaza Kills Woman and Child, Palestinians Say,” according to another. 

Such was the media’s way of describing two weeks of Palestinian assaults that began when Hamas killed a Jewish couple as they were driving with their four children in the northern West Bank. Two days later, a Palestinian teenager stabbed two Israelis to death in Jerusalem’s Old City, and also slashed a woman and a 2-year-old boy. Hours later, another knife-wielding Palestinian was shot and killed by Israeli police after he slashed a 15-year-old Israeli boy in the chest and back."

The full article is,

"Palestine: The Psychotic Stage :

 The truth about why Palestinians have been seized by their present blood lust."


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