Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Interdependent and interbeing includes myriad forms - even seemingly 'socialist' and 'capitalist'


Led by IIASA Ecosystems Services and Management researcher 
Oskar Franklin  , the Swedish study (paywall) started
with a surprising observation. Root fungi were actually working 
to maintain nitrogen scarcity in the forest. When less nitrogen 
was available in the soil, fungi gave up less nitrogen to the trees. 
But when nitrogen was abundant, they built up their stores like 
speculators cornering the market in a commodity, effectively 
forcing the trees to get their nitrogen from the fungi no matter what.

“The new theory pictures a more business-like relationship among 
multiple buyers and sellers connected in a network,” Franklin said 
in a press release. Instead of being a cooperative trade of carbon and 
nitrogen between organisms, trees are forced to export large amounts 
of carbon in order to unlock nitrogen stores from the fungi."
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