Friday, April 25, 2014


What assumption(s) are you believing?

(Be as specific as you can in answering this and throughout responding to what follows.)

When anger arises, when fear, frustrations, hurt, greed, sadness, depression, or other reactive habits arise, use that as an opportunity to look at what you are assuming.

When you are dissatisfied, stressed, suffering, look - what are you assuming should be or should not be?

Expand this to when you are feeling excited, justified, "righteous",  "winning"or other emotion-thought states that you might call "good" or "desirable" - what are the assumptions?

Looking at the assumption(s) you are believing - are you sure of the "truth" of these assumptions?

What would it be for you (specifically you now, not theoretically or conceptually) to "let go" of those specific assumptions, to let those assumptions be - not attach and hold to them?

What would it be to "not-know" what you assume you know?

What is experiencing this?

What is responding out of this experiencing?

(c) 2014 Elihu Genmyo Smith