Friday, January 31, 2014

Unhindered, complete - hindered, incomplete

Elihu Genmyo Smith

Is our life unhindered, complete?

Are there “incomplete” areas or conditions in your life - times, events or relationships in which life is hindered or “incomplete”? This may involve a person, group of people, situations or even your self.

How does this “incompleteness” or hindering manifest and/or change the nature of functioning? What is involved?

There may be a number of these; I encourage exploring/writing of as many as you wish but keep the writing about each of them separate.

For each of these, can the situation be resolved in a skillful and appropriate manner by you - and if so, what would do that? If not, how not?

What is your best guess of what would occur as a result of your skillful and appropriate actions? How would this "new circumstance" be for you, for them if there is a “them”?

I am emphasizing “skillful and appropriate” so as to exclude a situation such as where we hold a secret, and resolve this by telling someone this secret, for example about something we did, maybe even something we did to them, many years ago, which their knowing about now will result in pain or suffering for them now. Or a situation where we tell them about what we believe are their faults or inadequacies or that of others. These are examples of self-centeredness, not skillfulness!

Unhindered, complete - when is this so for us?

 © 2014 Elihu Genmyo Smith