Friday, September 11, 2015

A New Atmospheric Carbon Reduction Process

Is this possible on a large scale and would it make a beneficial difference in global climate changes?

"If only we could get rid of all the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by converting it back into hydrocarbons and oxygen — a kind of reverse combustion — the earth could be saved. Of course that requires energy, which is the reason we burned the fuel in the first place. Is it possible to bend the laws of nature and get something for nothing?

That is precisely what an Israeli company, New CO2 Fuels, proposes to do. Based on research developed by Weizmann Institute Earth Sciences Professor Jacob Karni, the company takes captured CO2 and uses renewable energy to convert it back into fuel, reducing the need for fossil fuel extraction and reducing CO2 emissions. Not only that, but the process is profitable."

I am not capable of evaluating the science or economic feasibility of this; here is the article sent to me regarding this process: