Thursday, May 29, 2014

Unintended consequences and the UN - or maybe intended consequences?

In recent years the UN has sadly been unable to do anything effective about the major conflicts that it attempts to resolve, whether in Syria, in Ukraine/Russia, Central Africa or in the South Asia Sea around China, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, etc. Even worse, in some arenas, such as Haiti, the UN has caused increased problems, include disease and death. Is this indicative of something about the UN that is worth exploring? Is the UN now, maybe due to structural and functional issues, unable to significantly impact world conflicts?

A more extreme example of long-term UN failures seems to be the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In fact, there have been charges that the UN is actually making the situation much worse by being a part of the problem.

Below are the thesis and conclusions of a detailed exploration of the role of the UN in fostering peace between Israeli and Palestinians, or in hindering and derailing the possibilities of peace.

"Despite the “Zionism-is-racism” resolution having been annulled, these [UN] offices, agencies, and committees continue operating as the engine of the effort to delegitimize the Jewish state and attack it through boycotts, sanctions and divestment. It is these structures and their activities that are being exposed here systematically for the first time...."

 The article ends with the following conclusion

"...At the moment, the UN’s institutional treatment of Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict encourages Palestinian hatred, legitimizes their rejection of Israel’s right to exist, increases Israeli mistrust, alienates its supporters, and, above all, enables the type of Palestinian unilateralism that undermines the peace process and prolongs the conflict. A renewed effort at reform by influential member states would go a long way toward changing this state of affairs for the better.

Such an effort would end the UN’s hypocrisy on the issue and help it live up to its founding principles. The institution’s selective violation of its own sovereignty principle, its double standards toward the Middle East’s only democracy, its obvious political bias, and its unrelenting assault on the legitimacy of Jewish self-determination would end.

But as long as the UN’s “propaganda apparatus” for Palestinian rejectionism survives, the world body’s essentially positive nature will be disfigured by well-founded accusations of discrimination against its only Jewish member. For the good of Israel, the Palestinians, and the UN itself, it is long past time for the world body to finally say farewell to the libel that Zionism is racism."

For the full article, and a chance for you to explore and evaluate the conclusions, see: