Friday, February 7, 2014

A Question to Stimulate and Support Ongoing Practice

Elihu Genmyo Smith

During the day or night, notice when you "are" upset, angry, hurt, frustrated, sad, happy, thrilled, excited  (or any number of similar words that you use to describe and evaluate conditions/circumstances, to describe what is "your" state now).

Notice what you “say” to your self or others about the way this moment is.  Notice what you “say” is happening “in”/”with” a situation- whether this is involving your self and/or someone else.  

These “comments” can also be related to social or environmental circumstances, group activities, technological or mechanical circumstances, the condition of “your” body, mind, emotions, feelings, or that of others etc.

Examples can include how your computer or car is working, the weather, body aches, things you or others said or did, thought or believed, about person xx, group z, event y, etc.

Having thought, said, commented as you noted above, what did you actually do or not do (physical or verbal behavior etc)?

Please keep running notes on these during the next weeks as your life permits.

In doing the above exercise of writing, discovering whatever you do and reflecting on this, what additional/alternative skillful and appropriate responses come to mind about each specific situation,( in addition to what you actually did or did not do)?

 © 2014 Elihu Genmyo Smith