Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What is skillful for a nation in face of hostility? What results in reduced harm and delusion in both short-term and long-term?

"Iranians pretend not to cheat; we (USA) pretend not to notice. All that’s left to do is stand back and wait for something to happen."

Here are two interesting pieces which may give us pause about how to further  US - Iranian diplomacy.

The first opens with a paragraph which sets forth the problem clearly:

"Does it matter what sort of deal—or further extension, or non-deal—ultimately emerges from the endless parleys over Iran’s nuclear program? Probably not. Iran came to the table cheating on its nuclear commitments. It continued to cheat on them throughout the interim agreement it agreed to last year. And it will cheat on any undertakings it signs."

The second article in some ways is more ominous because it explores threats and conflicts that are less severe than a nuclear threat. The subtitle says much:" The West underestimates the growing threat from radical Islam in the Americas."

"Iran has opened embassies and established commercial agreements that allow operatives to create businesses, which can be used as fronts for covert operations. In Venezuela and Bolivia, Iran has moved to the next level, developing a military presence through joint ventures in defense industries."

The conclusions of the first article is appropriate for both articles and daunting to all:

"Eventually, something will happen. Perhaps Iran will simply walk away from the talks, daring this feckless administration to act. Perhaps we will discover another undeclared Iranian nuclear facility, possibly not in Iran itself. Perhaps the Israelis really will act. Perhaps the Saudis will."

The articles are linked below.