Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why the media seems biased.

When the media gets it wrong, they do not seem to acknowledge it.

Here is a BBC story today, 9/24/13, about a French diplomat "abusing" her position:


This story does not have any links to or acknowledgement of a very different earlier story dated 9/20/13 by the BBC of the same events. The earlier story by BBC and other media seems to blame the Israelis and justify EU protests, while giving little acknowledgement to the evidence that supports the Israeli position:


Lest we think that there was no contradictory evidence, here is another story published soon after the first BBC story (on 9/22/13) supporting the Israeli position and offering video evidence.


Unfortunately, it took the BBC two more days (which in these days of internet connectivity is a long time) to print a more correct version - but why no acknowledgement of their earlier errors?

What are we to make of this?

What about other media half-truths, distortions and ideological biases that we encounter regularly?