Sunday, August 19, 2012

Book Review excerpts

....This astonishing collection of essays succeeds in his mission to show us 
how everything is the Way. Here you will find cogent insights into practice, 
impermanence, non-self, being transparency, and receiving the precepts.

Again and again, while reading Smith's book, we found ourselves, in the 
author's phrase "stopping and popping" into the present moment, immersing 
ourselves in the words and commentaries. We hope you will do the same.

Smith (Prairie Zen Center) has written a fine and well-controlled book on his own 
experience and the fundamental truths of the Zen approach to Buddhist 
understanding and life. Before the rise of Tibetan Buddhism’s popularity began to 
overwhelm it, Zen Buddhism was perhaps the most acclaimed form of Buddhism 
in this country; Smith’s intelligent book specializes in Zen’s startling and poetic 
insights. VERDICT Revelatory for the Buddhist practitioner; fluent and fascinating 
for the general reader.