Thursday, March 10, 2011

Notes For A Dharma Talk:

We are not conditions and circumstances nor other than conditions and circumstances.

Because we are truly free of conditions and circumstances, we can be conditions and circumstances.

Not clearly seeing conditions and circumstances as they are, we believe thoughts and feelings about conditions and circumstances.

Believing conditions and circumstances, we are hindered by conditions and circumstances, limited in conditions and circumstances, suffer as a result of conditions and circumstances.

Actually, because we are free we must be conditions and circumstances. Otherwise, we are not free.

Being conditions and circumstances, we are free of conditions and circumstances.

Here is an appropriate verse I came across after jotting down the above notes. 

This is Hakuin’s verse on a painting of Manjusri:

“I venerate this painted image of the flawlessly
Pure Dharma-body of the Great Sage Manjusri;
If you see him there on the surface of the paper,
You are digging a well-shaft to find white clouds;
If you seek him apart from the painted image,
You are traveling eastward in pursuit of the sun.
Do you see!
I venerate the Great Sage Manjusri."

(c) 2011 Elihu Genmyo Smith